Bot Requirements

This is what we look for in new bots.

What type of information?

We are looking for ways to setup your bot and we will check to see of what you put is actually correct and if its fraudulent then we will deny your bot.

Do I as in the bot owner need to be in the discord?

Yes, you do have to be in our discord server or your bot will be removed from the site.

Bot Descriptions

Your bots description can have both HTML and Markdown and we ask that you actually use these things. We also ask that you give detail and we do not want you to label every command your bot has. We also look for if you supply ways for someone to use your bot.

What if i took source code and made it into a bot?

If you take from someone else's bot or you host your own copy the bot MUST have something different from the original or it will be removed.

How long does it take for my bot to be approved?

We try our best to have the bot approved or at least looked at in 48hrs but sometimes it may take longer and we apologize for that <3